DIGICHOICE Media t/a PODRADIO.CO.ZA is a company that facilitates and edits school podcasts and videos.


Podcasting is a wonderful way of allowing children to share their work and experiences with a potentially large audience over the Internet. Schools are increasingly using the internet to promote what they do and celebrate the achievements of their children, and have discovered that podcasting is an excellent way of doing this.

The media world has changed so much in the last few years, primarily due to the technology that is so readily available. It has become clear to all those involved in this industry that everybody has become discerning in what they watch and what they listen to.


We feel it is time that we are able to give learner’s  a voice, both high schools and primary schools need an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics. This then allows parents to get a balanced feeling of a day in the life of their child and what their thoughts are on various topics. The schools can use this platform to advertise certain events at the school as well as showcase guest speakers.


You, the listener, will be able to download the podcasts and listen at your leisure.


So choose your school of choice – Click on the podcast that interests you- Download and enjoy!

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