Matters on School, because school matters (Part 2) – 15 Feb 2016

stellenbergMr Maree leads this discussion during which Schalk-Willem, Diego, Simoné, Ilani, Mia, Leoné, Janine and Steve G have a pretty heated discussion concerning school, school uniforms, useful AND useless school subjects, punishment and whether school sport has become too competitive. Great opinions and arguments make for great listening.

The comments made in this podcast are the opinions of the learners and not necessarily the school or Podradio
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  1. Thanks for sharing this blossom with us.  I am reminded of when I sat and nursed  my first child and watched his eyelashes grow and his mind expand.  It is truly a gift to have a chlc;&#8230d.espeiially when you are so aware of how it could have been different…and how blessed he is to have a mother who loves him so!!!Prayers of love and support for Susan and her Mom.

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